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Note to artists:
                We receive requests for inclusion every day. However we are only slowly adding new artists, mainly because we draw information from so many sources that it takes several hours to add each artist. You are welcome to suggest yourself or another artist for inclusion, but in most cases it is not possible.

Keep in mind that Artcyclopedia is a form of Internet search engine. The main mode of searching within the site, and the main way that web surfers find their way to us, is a search on an artist's name. Therefore, this is what we generally look for:
  • There must be sufficient information spread around the Internet for us to add value. In the most extreme case, if the only high-quality information about an artist is at his or her own website, then web surfers are better served by just staying on Google.
  • There must be sufficient awareness of the artist's name. If nobody is searching for the artist, then nobody will end up at the artist page anyway. The existence of a page on Artcyclopedia will do little if anything to promote the artist.
  • We are looking for "museum-quality art". However we have no desire to be gatekeepers, i.e. arbiters of quality and merit, so we normally take our cue from museum curators worldwide. If they are collecting and showing an artist's work, that's a signal to us that the artist has significance.
Note about copyright on images:
                Images displayed as part of our feature articles would normally come from a museum's press kit for an exhibition and would be displayed with permission.

The pop-up images displayed on individual artist pages normally depict works which are in the public domain (for example, works created before 1923 are in the public domain almost everywhere in the world). Or, in some cases, the artist or representative has explicitly granted permission. The photographs themselves are used by permission, either explicitly or in accordance with a website's terms of use.

If you feel that any image being used violates your copyright, please contact us at the address below and we will look into the matter seriously.
                Copyright 1999-2018 by John Malyon/Specifica, Inc.

Since 2007 this website has been published by Specifica, Inc.

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