Artists by Movement:
The Golden Age of Illustration

1880's to 1920's

The Golden Age of Illustration was a period of unprecedented excellence in book and magazine illustration. It developed from advances in technology permitting accurate and inexpensive reproduction of art, combined with a voracious public demand for new graphic art.
In Europe, Golden Age artists were influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites and by such design-oriented movements as the Arts and Crafts Movement, Art Nouveau, and Les Nabis. Leading artists included Walter Crane, Edmund Dulac, Aubrey Beardsley, Arthur Rackham and Kay Nielsen.
American illustration of this period was anchored by the Brandywine Valley tradition, begun by Howard Pyle and carried on by his students, who included N.C. Wyeth, Maxfield Parrish, Frank Schoonover and Edwin Austin Abbey.

Chronological Listing of Golden Age Illustrators
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Sir John Tenniel 1820-1914 English Illustrator
Walter Crane 1845-1915 English Illustrator
Kate Greenaway 1846-1901 English Illustrator
Edwin Austin Abbey 1852-1911 American Illustrator/Muralist
Howard Pyle 1853-1911 American Illustrator
Louis John Rhead 1858-1926 English/American Illustrator
Jessie Willcox Smith 1863-1935 American Illustrator
Edward Penfield 1866-1925 American Illustrator
Beatrix Potter 1866-1943 English Illustrator
Charles Dana Gibson 1867-1944 American Illustrator
Arthur Rackham 1867-1939 English Illustrator
Maxfield Parrish 1870-1966 American Illustrator
Charles Robinson 1870-1937 Illustrator
Elizabeth Shippen Green 1871-1954 American Illustrator
Aubrey Beardsley 1872-1898 English Illustrator
J.C. Leyendecker 1874-1951 American Illustrator
Violet Oakley 1874-1961 American Muralist
Ivan Bilibin 1876-1942 Russian Illustrator
Harrison Fisher 1877-1934 American Illustrator
James Montgomery Flagg 1877-1960 American Illustrator
Frank E. Schoonover 1877-1972 American Illustrator
Millicent Sowerby 1878-1967 English Illustrator
C. Coles Phillips 1880-1927 American Illustrator
Joseph Clement Coll 1881-1921 American Illustrator
Edmund Dulac 1882-1953 French Illustrator
N.C. Wyeth 1882-1945 American Illustrator
Edward Julius Detmold 1883-1957 English Illustrator
Kay Nielsen 1886-1957 Danish/American Illustrator



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