Artists by Movement:
The Hudson River School

America, 1835 to 1870

The Hudson River School encompasses two generations of painters inspired by Thomas Cole's, awesomely Romantic images of America's wilderness - in the Hudson River Valley and also in the newly opened West. The particular use of light effects, to lend an exaggerated drama to such elements as mist and sunsets, developed into a subspecialty known as Luminism.

In addition to Thomas Cole, the best-known practioners of this style were Frederic Edwin Church and Albert Bierstadt.

Chronological Listing of Hudson River School Painters
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Thomas Doughty 1793-1856 American Painter
Asher B. Durand 1796-1886 American Painter
Thomas Cole 1801-1848 English/American Painter
Robert W. Weir 1803-1889 American Painter
V. DeGrailly 1804-1889 French Painter
Fitz Hugh Lane 1804-1865 American Painter
Thomas Chambers 1808-1866 English/American Painter
Johann Hermann Carmiencke 1810-1867 German/American Painter
John William Casilear 1811-1893 American Painter
George Loring Brown 1814-1889 American Painter
Edmund Coates 1816-1871 American Painter
Regis-Francois Gignoux 1816-1882 French/American Painter
Daniel Huntington 1816-1906 American Painter
John Frederick Kensett 1816-1872 American Painter
Thomas Prichard Rossiter 1818-1871 American Painter
Martin Johnson Heade 1819-1904 American Painter
Thomas Worthington Whittredge 1820-1910 American Painter
Robert Scott Duncanson 1821-1872 African-American Painter
William Louis Sonntag 1822-1900 American Painter
Jasper Francis Cropsey 1823-1900 American Painter
Sanford Robinson Gifford 1823-1880 American Painter
William Hart 1823-1894 Scottish/American Painter
Charles W. Knapp 1823-1900 American Painter
Paul Weber 1823-1916 German/American Painter
George Inness 1825-1894 American Painter
Frederic Edwin Church 1826-1900 American Painter
David Johnson 1827-1908 American Painter
James McDougal Hart 1828-1901 Scottish/American Painter
Thomas Hill 1829-1908 English/American Painter
Albert Bierstadt 1830-1902 German/American Painter
Herman Herzog 1831-1932 German/American Painter
Louis Remy Mignot 1831-1870 American Painter
Samuel Colman 1832-1920 1832-1920 American Painter
Francis A. Silva 1835-1886 American Painter
Alfred Thompson Bricher 1837-1908 American Painter
Thomas Moran 1837-1926 English/American Painter



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