Artists by Movement:
Magic Realism

1943 to 1950's

Magic Realism is an American style of art with Surrealist overtones. The art is anchored in everyday reality, but has overtones of fantasy or wonder. The term was later also applied to the literary works of authors such as Jorge Luis Borges and Gabriel García Márquez.

Artists most commonly associated with the style are Paul Cadmus, Ivan Albright, Philip Evergood, and George Tooker. Andrew Wyeth is sometimes associated with this group, due to the vaguely mysterious nature of his landscapes and portraits.

Chronological Listing of Magic Realists
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Ivan Albright 1897-1983 American Painter
Carel Willink 1900-1983 Dutch Painter
Philip Evergood 1901-1973 American Painter
Paul Cadmus 1904-1999 American Painter
Jared French 1905-1988 American Painter
Peter Blume 1906-1992 Russian/American Painter
O. Louis Guglielmi 1906-1956 Egyptian/American Painter
Charles Rain 1911-1985 American Painter
Alex Colville 1920-2013 Canadian Painter
George Tooker 1920-2011 American Painter
Gregory Gillespie 1936-2000 American Painter
Michael Parkes Born 1944 American Painter/Sculptor



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