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Emerged in the 1960's

Minimalism is a form of art in which objects are stripped down to their elemental, geometric form, and presented in an impersonal manner. It is an Abstract style of art which came about as a reaction against the subjective elements of Abstract Expressionism.

Minimalist art frequently takes the form of installation or sculpture, for example with Donald Judd, Carl Andre Dan Flavin and Sol LeWitt. However, there are also a number of minimalist painters, such as Ellsworth Kelly, and Frank Stella.

Chronological Listing of Minimalists
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John Graham 1886-1961 Ukrainian/American Painter
Barnett Newman 1905-1970 American Painter
Agnes Martin 1912-2004 Canadian/American Painter
Tony Smith 1912-1980 American Sculptor
Ad Reinhardt 1913-1967 American Painter
Anne Truitt 1921-2004 American Sculptor
Ellsworth Kelly Born 1923 American Painter/Sculptor
Donald Judd 1928-1994 American Sculptor
Sol LeWitt 1928-2007 American Conceptual Artist
Jo Baer Born 1929 American Painter
Robert Morris Born 1931 American
Dan Flavin 1933-1996 American Installation Artist
Carl Andre Born 1935 American Sculptor
Robert Moskowitz Born 1935 American Painter
Eva Hesse 1936-1970 German/American Painter/Sculptor
Frank Stella Born 1936 American Painter/Sculptor
Robert Mangold Born 1937 American Painter
Brice Marden Born 1938 American Painter
Richard Serra Born 1939 American Sculptor
Keith Sonnier Born 1941 American
Peter Halley Born 1953 American Painter
Faye HeavyShield Born 1953 Native Canadian Installation Artist



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