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America, 1920's to 1930's

Precisionism (or Cubist Realism) is a style of representation in which an object is rendered in a realistic manner, but with an emphasis on its geometric form. An important part of American Modernism, it was inspired by the development of Cubism in Europe, and by the rapid growth of industrialization of North America in the wake of innovators such as Henry Ford. In its emphasis on stylized angular forms it is also visually somewhat similar to Art Deco.

Charles Demuth and Charles Sheeler are the artists most closely associated with Precisionism. The urban works of Georgia O'Keeffe are also highly typical of this style.

Dealing as it did with pure form more than with any type of narrative or subject matter, Precisionism gradually evolved towards Abstraction, and faded away as an important influence.

Chronological Listing of Precisionists
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Charles Demuth 1883-1935 American Painter
Charles Sheeler 1883-1965 American Painter/Photographer
Preston Dickinson 1891-1930 American Painter
Elsie Driggs 1898-1992 American Painter
Francis Criss 1901-1973 British/American Painter
Ralston Crawford 1906-1978 Canadian/American Painter
Edmund Lewandowski 1914-1998 American Painter



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